Old timers can remember the tradition of ‘Husband and Wife Trees’ well.

They recall a time when the vows had all been said and family and friends would all help plant two healthy young trees near the entrance of the farmhouse. One for the bride, and the other for the groom. Everyone participating in this happy day would help to dig the hole, plant the trees and water – and we can’t forget the secret ingredient when planting: infusing with love.

Side by side, they would grow. Basking in the warm sunshine and quenching rains. Sometimes storms would brew, but weathering these storms of life together made them stronger, more rooted because of them.

Sometimes they are close enough that eventually their branches touch, embrace even. Some never do – staying just out of reach of one another – but beneath the surface there is a bond that is so entwined we do not know where one begins and the other ends. Their roots, plant roots and mycelium are all entangled with one another, just like our families and friends are entangled with us. Helping one another, sharing water, nutrients and immunity, keeping one another strong and healthy.

But times have changed, couples have changed, and with it many traditions have become outdated. This traditional planting is slowly fading from our minds like mist on a bright sunny morning.

In this season of love, consider gifting your lover the tradition of ‘Love Trees’. Order a couple of trees and make a special date to plant this spring. A pair of trees that will represent your deep bond and commitment to one another. We have come along way from the traditional partnership of marriage – lets embrace ALL LOVE!


Tree Branch

Photo provided by Serena Mor