Your Access to Herbal Healthcare in Canada is About to be Permanently Restricted

At Everything Herbal, we believe that access to natural healing is an inalienable right of all people. Herbal medicine has been used since time immemorial by all cultures, across every continent of the earth. Even today, countless numbers of people from across the world rely on herbalism and allied systems of traditional healing as their primary form of medicine. We believe that the use of herbs, and of all natural products, should not be made a criminal offence, or something that only the rich and powerful have a say over.

And yet, efforts are underway by Health Canada to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for many practitioners and manufacturers of quality natural health products (NHPs) to provide their services to the Canadian public.

The upcoming proposed changes to the regulation of NHPs in Canada will impose massive undue costs on consumers, costs that have no precedent or justification whatever. These changes will force many of the local and small scale suppliers of herbs and supplements that you rely upon, to permanently close, as well as completely barring access to the industry by up-and-coming, hardworking, dedicated and creative innovators. If passed, these changes will ensure that the future of herbal medicine in Canada will not be grassroots and local, but corporate and industrial.

The long and short of it is that we are on the precipice of a takeover of the natural health products industry by global corporate interests

– by those who have little to no regard for anything other than monopoly and profit. The range of available health products will be significantly decreased, and the care that many healthcare practitioners will be able to provide to their patients will consequently suffer. Your freedom of choice will be restricted, and your rights to seek out natural healing options pushed further out of reach.

We encourage our readers to become involved in the ongoing to campaign to stop these changes before it is too late. What Health Canada is proposing will change the face of natural healing practices in Canada, and is an affront to traditional systems of healing and those who rely upon them for their health and well-being. If passed, these proposed regulatory changes will undermine our fundamental human rights to freely seek out the bounteous medicines of the earth.

It is important that as many of us as possible become involved. By far the best thing that you can do personally is to speak directly with your Federal MP. Ask for a meeting and/or write to them directly – particularly if you depend on these remedies to maintain your good health. Send a letter – it’s hundreds of times more effective than an email!

For more information concerning this issue, and further suggestions as to how you can get involved, can be found through the following campaigns: