A curated glossary of schools, courses, apprenticeships and other herbal learning opportunities gathered by the Everything Herbal team.

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Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma ProgramFour-year, distance program with 510 hours of in-person clinical trainingDominion Herbal College also offers a Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program, 1 Year Distance Learning.

Offers introductory level classes and practicums, plus a three-year, 1000+ hours training course for practitioners (in French).

Offers a three year Diploma of Phytotherapy that explores the medicinal uses of North American and European herbs. Students will study both traditional knowledge of herbal medicine- that which is passed downed through various traditions over the ages and modern day, scientific-based knowledge.

Combination of on-line and in-person learning:

  • Practical Herbalist (1 Year Distance Learning)
  • Master Herbalist (1 Year Distance Learning)
  • Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship (350 Hours In-Person Clinical Intensives)

Living Earth offers distance learning and in-class workshops in Western Herbalism.

Traditional Herbalist Diploma Program

1,500 hours, mostly online plus intensive practical and clinical workshops.Also offered are online distance learning general interest courses such as the Holistic Herbal Studies Certificate Program, field workshops and intensive workshops.

Clinical Herbalism Diploma

This diploma program includes over 2000 hours of study and 400 hours of clinical internship. Students receive instruction from a wide array of both local and international herbalists, traditional medicine practitioners, healers, and teachers who specialize in various areas such as biomedicine, counselling, nutrition, earth-based education, and more. This flexible program offers a structure of mainly correspondence courses, with on-site clinical internship that is held once a month at ITM, and optional in-class study for many courses.

Diploma in Ayurveda

A 1500 Hour diploma in Ayurveda includes lectures, seminars and supervised clinic.

Herbalist Educator and Practitioner Diploma Programs

The Living Centre Eco-Spiritual Education & Retreat Sanctuary- Est. 1983Offers certification courses both as correspondence and apprenticeships in Practical, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalism and other courses in the Natural Healing Arts.Some additional science hours are arranged through a local college, to meet OHA professional membership requirements.

London, ON, Canada

Herbology Diploma Program

The program combines Eastern and Western medical theory, clinical practice and internships. In addition to herbology, the curriculum includes training in eastern nutrition, TCM Theory & Diagnostics, advanced Formula preparation, Internal & External Medicine, Gynaecology & Paediatrics.

The first year, The Kitchen Herbalist, provides a foundation for understanding the profound relationship between herbal medicine and the human mind/body. The second year, The Community Herbalist, takes a deep dive into using herbal medicine to support others in a clinical setting. During the third year, The Clinical Herbalist, you continue to develop your clinical skills and herbal knowledge. The third year is designed to build your confidence as a herbalist and offers you many opportunities to test your new found skills and knowledge.

General Interest Course

The Ginkgo Tree Herbal Course emphasizes self-care, home health, and self-reliance. You will learn how herbalism can offer a low-cost alternative to your family’s health care. This self-empowering, joyful home study course offers a “hands on” approach and is recognized as one of the best courses available on this subject. Herbal Educator and Course Facilitator, Penelope Beaudrow will be your instructor throughout your herbal journey, bringing a wealth of herbal knowledge, excellent training skills, and a passionate love of herbs.


Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine300 seminar + clinic hours, correspondence, NHAA approved courseHealth Schools Australia also offers many other Diploma Programs and General Interest courses.

The Betonica Medical Herbalist Training Programme is a blend of modern science and traditional knowledge. The programme syllabus covers a wide range of topics, from Materia Medica, Botany and Pharmacology, to Anatomy and Physiology and Clinical Skills (to name just a few). We are passionate about community clinics and education, organic growing and field to dispensary medicine.

Heartwood courses are flexible, comprehensive, challenging, inclusive, mobile friendly, environmentally responsible, international in outlook and up-to-date. They offer expert tuition, an innovative clinical training scheme, rich and varied content, high availability student support, and learning materials that cater for a wide range of development needs.

BSc (Hons) Clinical Herbalism

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