We Are All Connected in This Deep Web of Life…

I thought it was important to appreciate the hard work of other ‘beings’ who give so much to this great tapestry called Earth, a work of art that Mother Nature weaves continuously.

So today we are sending a short shout out to Ants! They have been a welcomed sight in our rewilding fields and sanctuary over the past thirty years.

Ant Hill

Building amazing hills over a foot high. Within these hills and far below is a labyrinth of tunnels that aerate the soil and allow moisture to get to the roots of surrounding vegetation.

The ants – these amazing decomposers — bring other insects and leaves deep into their nest, which will decay and fertilize the neighboring plants. Ants are one of our beloved pollinators and seed distributors, working their magic throughout our gardens and fields. Ants are also an important source of food for many other essential insects, birds, and mammals.

Just the kind of insect these fields longed for – connected to the pulse of creating life and sustaining life.

Crocus in Spring