We wanted to share this wonderful song with everyone by Nikki!

Nikki Satira is a lover of birds, a friend of plants, and a Sasquatch enthusiast. She spent the better part of her early twenties exploring the wilds of Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. She lived off the grid, had encounters with wild bison, tracked moose, made medicines from wild plants, and got to experience falling in love with a landscape. This is where her ever-present love of nature blossomed into a deep connection with nature and unrelenting passion for fostering that connection with others.


For the past decade, Nikki has been honing her skills as a naturalist, herbalist, wilderness skills practitioner, and educator. She is currently the Executive Director of a non-profit Nature School in Ottawa called Earth Path. She is also an accomplished writer, musician, and a student studying to become a clinical herbalist.”


You can find more of her and her music by visiting:
Her music can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes by searching “Nikki Satira”!